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Insulating has never been so simple

Powerful, easy-to-operate machines form the third component of our insulation system. Whether on site or in industrial timber architecture: blowing machines allow fast, rational work with a constantly high insulating quality.


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Prefabrication in industrial timber construction has developed immensely in recent years. More and more timber construction companies are choosing to relocate an increasing portion of the work from the building site to the works. Modern production lines, a high degree of automation and the optimisation of both cost structure and quality have become essential. The easyfloc industrial insulation system keeps step with this development and allows you to significantly increase the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of your insulating stations.


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In cooperation with X-Floc, isofloc offers a large selection of blowing machines and accessories for insulating with isofloc cellulose fibres on the building site and in the factory.


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In contrast to panel-type insulating materials, injected insulation materials are delivered in a loose form. Using blowing machines, the material is loosened and injected into hollow spaces, where it compacts. Injected insulation materials have unbeatable advantages over panel-type insulation materials that enable fast and economical working on the building site or in the works.

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