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Benefit from the ease-of-use and outstanding profitability of our insulation solutions. With injection insulation you achieve high-quality, safe and comprehensively efficient results. Whether for pre-fabrication of timber architecture elements, in situ in new-builds or for the retrospective insulation of idiosyncratically-shaped old buildings, you will be impressed by the versatility of our product portfolio.

isofloc LM


Whether it concerns the internal or external insulation of walls or the thermal insulation of floors, ceilings or roofs: isofloc LM proves to be the perfect solution for virtually all insulating tasks. Wherever isofloc cellulose insulation is ultimately used, our strict quality controls guarantee optimal results. isofloc LM bears the FSC®, natureplus and Swiss-Label certifications.

isofloc pearl

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Many houses built between 1900 and 1970 have cavity walls. The outer shell, usually a brick facade or plastered masonry, provides protection against the weather. Behind this there is a 40-100 mm cavity. The internal shell is usually the load bearing wall. A lot of valuable heat energy is lost via an un-insulated external wall. isofloc pearl puts a stop to that and is simply injected into the cavity between the two masonry shells.

isofloc woodfiber

isofloc woodfiber

isofloc woodfiber is an injectable wood-fibre insulation. The product is an ideal addition to our ecological product range and is perfectly suited to simple partition geometries. isofloc woodfiber can be processed using the isofloc injection technology.

isofloc insulating sleeve system


If the beam cavity is too small to obtain a noticeable improvement of the insulation situation, or if the top storey ceiling is made of concrete, then a cavity without thermal bridging can be created over the ceiling with the isofloc insulating sleeve system.

isofloc air sealing products

isofloc active MA

The isofloc air sealing products are the ideal supplement to our injected insulating materials. The products are harmonised to one another for exact fit and guarantee perfect results.

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