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Detached house - Minergie-P-ECO

A cubic timber construction on a concrete base: three storeys to the west, "snuggling up" to the slope to the east, without frills, functional and generously sized with well-proportioned high rooms. There is a sort of loft-like feeling in the extremely generously-sized living/dining/kitchen area.

There are strong colour accents on the inside, unobtrusive materialisation and colour on the outside. The facade consists of spruce formwork, natural and rough-sawn, but with a refined structure. Individual boards have been omitted; the battens underneath are attached diagonally. This becomes visible in the places where the façade is open and gives the cubic construction a beautifully structured cladding.


Kämpfer Holzbau GmbH

Hauptstrasse 1
8489 Wildberg

+41 (0)52 385 10 49 +41 (0)52 385 10 59 Email Contact To the webpage


Bauatelier Metzler GmbH

Lussistrasse 7a
8536 Hüttwilen

+41 (0)52 740 08 81 Email Contact To the webpage
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