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Rehabilitation of single family house, Gleichen

A timber-frame extension building insulated with isofloc was erected, increasing the living space from 90 m² to 134 m². The facade of the old building was freed from the cement asbestos panels and provided with a facing shell, a timber construction with a 40-mm-thick wooden soft fibreboard as plaster base for the external plaster. 10 cm of isofloc was blown into the hollow space of the construction. The roof was completely removed and was given a completely new construction with between-rafter insulation, with a 22-mm-thick soft fibreboard as the under-roof and a 20-cm-thick layer of isofloc insulation as well as new roofing tiles.

isofloc specialist


Steinsmühle 5
37130 Gleichen Klein Lengden

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Architekturbüro Backhaus

Eschenweg 3
37130 Gleichen

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Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Hauenschild

Brauweg 57
37073 Göttingen

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