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Construction of new day nursery, Kiel

Regenerative energy recovery and biologically harmless building materials are the basis of the concept. The building is not a pure consumer, but also produces heat and electricity. The materials are used and visibly processed in such a way that they can be experienced by the users of the building - in particular the children.

isofloc specialist

Zimmerei- und Holzbaubetrieb Malte Ch. Meyer

Einemhofer Straße 41
21449 Radbruch

+49 (0)4131 267 77 0 +49 (0)4131 267 77 0 Email Contact To the specialist’s webpage


Dipl.Ing. Architekt Björn C. Siemsen

Königsweg zw. 56/58
24114 Kiel

+49 (0)431 670 17 93 +49 (0)431 240 86 43 Email Contact To the webpage
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