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Below you can find some interesting links to associations of which isofloc is a member, as well as informative websites concerned with construction and insulation.


Architektur Forum Ostschweiz: www.a-f-o.ch

baubook: www.baubook.at

Catalogue of building components: www.dataholz.com

Swiss carpenters’ education network: www.bin.ch

eco-bau – sustainability in public sector construction: www.eco-bau.ch

EMPA: www.empa.ch

Energiefranken: www.energiefranken.ch

Energie Schweiz: www.energieschweiz.ch

European Cellulose Insulation Association: www.ecia.eu.com

Forum.Energie.Zürich: www.forumenergie.ch

Forum Holzbau: www.forum-holzbau.com

Fraunhofer Institute: www.fraunhofer.de

Gebäudehülle Schweiz (Association of Swiss Building Envelope Companies): www.gh-schweiz.ch

Building programme: www.dasgebaeudeprogramm.ch

Holzbau Schweiz  (Association of Swiss Timber Construction Companies): www.holzbau-schweiz.ch

IG Passivhaus: www.igpassivhaus.ch

Lignum (Swiss Timber Industry): www.lignum.ch

Minergie: www.minergie.ch

Material Testing Body for North Rhine-Westphalia: www.mpanrw.de

SIA (Swiss Engineer and Architect association): www.sia.ch

Swiss Label (Swiss quality products and services): www.swisslabel.ch

VGQ (Swiss Association for Tested Quality Houses): www.vgq.ch

VKF – Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies: www.vkf.ch


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