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natureplus certified

The isofloc cellulose blow-in insulation materials are certified according to the criteria of natureplus as a sustainable and healthy building product made from renewable resources.

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isofloc pearl

A lot of valuable heat energy is lost via an un-insulated external wall. isofloc pearl cavity wall insulation puts a stop to that and is simply blown into the cavity between the two masonry shells.

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easyfloc G2

The next generation of the easyfloc blowing plate is an essential work instrument in industrial timber construction!

Thermal insulation? Noise insulation? You too can find the optimum insulation for your building project.

isofloc is the market leader for injectable insulating materials made of regenerative raw materials and offers solutions for the entire system of injection insulating materials. More than 1000 specialist companies throughout Europe work with the proven and successful isofloc insulating system. The system is based on three pillars – products, services and mechanical engineering – which are coordinated for an optimum result. isofloc fulfils the customers’ wishes over the entire range of loose insulating materials and has a better command of this system than anyone else.

Our insulation products

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Benefit from the ease-of-use and outstanding profitability of isofloc insulation solutions. With an isofloc injection insulation you offer your customers high-quality, safe and comprehensively efficient results. Whether for pre-fabrication of timber architecture elements, in situ in new-builds or for the retrospective insulation of idiosyncratically- shaped old buildings, you will be impressed by the versatility of the isofloc insulation system. We offer a wide range of system products based on the primary product of injectable cellulose. isofloc pearl is for core insulations, mineral wool fine-granulate is for installation walls, air-seal materials are designed for injected insulation materials and other intelligent solutions are for minimal heat-bridge insulation constructions – you can insulate almost any structure effortlessly and effectively with the isofloc range.

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The isofloc cellulose blow-in insulation materials are natureplus certified.