Centre development, Aadorf

A modular construction that couldn't be more progressive: The energy-efficient Minergie standard, an environmentally friendly wood system, well thought-out floor plans, a superior equipment standard and modern architectural design characterise the "Châtel" complex in Aadorf. The large selection of dwellings with varying, well-conceived floor plans is versatile. Not only 2.5-room accommodation but also attic dwellings are available to the potential resident. But not only the strategically intelligent selection of location and the sophisticated standard of equipment make "Châtel" so attractive. The complex also convinces by other important criteria. Already in the planning phase, KIFA AG attached great importance to top-quality and sustainable products and materials. It is therefore not surprising that isofloc cellulose fibres were used as the insulation material. Mr. Heim, Manager of KIFA AG, adds "As the building owner and timber entrepreneur, the economic efficiency and sustainability of isofloc impressed me. The excellent thermal insulation, along with other factors, help the residents to achieve low heating costs".

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Kifa AG

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8355 Aadorf

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